lauantai 11. lokakuuta 2008

There is no fix

10.10.2008 21.45 | hakki47 | Työelämä, Business, Työ & bisnes, Politics, Corruption, Crises, International finance

Was just skimming through the BBC International News. And I was allerted to the demand of a fix to the current international financial crises.

To my understanding, there is no fix. There is no Band Aid. The true cause of the present problems has to be identified. And it has not been. Not yet. And after that, and only after that, corrective action can be and must be taken.

Naturally, now is the time for interim action. Actions that aim to alliviate the present symptoms. No more. Understanding, that true cause has not been revealed.

But judging the current events, rationality does not seem to be in the forefront of present endeavors. Metafysics seems to be.

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