keskiviikko 17. huhtikuuta 2013

The Boston Teaparty?

Kannattaako tähän enää mitään lisätä?

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Karl Fransen kirjoitti...

“We may not be here if humanity were inherently evil”. However, we are - so far, but I would not to be the one to say and go beyond that point. “It is hard to look it in the eye” and perhaps for that very reason we refuse to look - and instead indulge in wishful thinking that tomorrow will be better, and with that thought we see no reason to go any further.

Hakki kirjoitti...


I never heard of Patton Oswalt before. Wikipedia revealed him to be a stand-up comedian of some fame. Coming from of person of his profession I regard the above to be profound indeed. Refusing to look the evil in the eye would only make things worse.